Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need planning permission?

    Planning permission is required when altering the look of the external elevations or changing the use of the building. In most case extensions or changes to the external view to a residential property will not require planning permission however an application for a lawful development would be required and are governed by the rules and guidelines for the type of extension you are proposing.

    All commercial and change of use application require planning permission, including the conversion of a building into flats.


  2. How Long does it take to get a lawful development certificate or planning permission?

    Permission takes on average 8 weeks however in some cases this may take longer.

  3. What is Building Regulations Approval?

    The Building Regulations is a set of predefined standards ensuring safe building practices and good workmanship. The standards cover structure, fire safety, sound and thermal insulation, ventilation, drainage, flues, access for the disabled, staircases and glazing.

  4. Once Planning is Approved, How Long is it Valid For?

    Planning permission is valid for 3 years however please refer to your decision notice for clarification. Certain Applications like Prior Approvals and Lawful Development Certificates may have a reduced time limit. 

  5. Can I Start Building Immediately?

    We DO NOT reccomend to start any building works till all necessary approvals have been gained.

  6. Do I Need a Party Wall Agreement?

    In majority of cases a Part Wall Agreement would be required. Please click here to download the Party Wall Guide (CLG).